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Cogent Replacement Toner Cartridges

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  • ISO 9000 Certification for Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System
  • STMC Certification for Toner Printer Cartridge Quality Assurance Test Methods

What is ISO 19752?

ISO 19752 defines the protocol for determine mono laser cartridge page yield. It is based upon printing a pre-defined test page using multiple cartridges and printer under a variety of conditions and over a number of cartridges and printer cycles.

Page Yeld

Cogent branded cartridges are designed to meet the OEM page yields. Page yield performance is measured using the same international standards utilized by the OEM; ISO 19752 for monochrome cartridges and ISO 19798 for color cartridges.

Page Yield - A background history

For years the computer printer industry struggled with wildly different claims for page yield. Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) would use different fonts, different papers sizes, different density settings and different media, all in the name of squeezing an extra few hundred pages of print from their toner cartridges.

It was impossible for the end users to qualify page yields. Cost per page comparisons across a range of printers from different manufacturer were, at best unreliable. This situation was unacceptable for the end users, Clearly, a standard form of measurement was needed.

In 2004 the printer OEM’s agreed to a new standard form of measuring the pageyield of Mono laser cartridges. The measurement in terms of how much print (Toner) was laid onto a standard sized page. This area of printing used to define page yield was to be 5% coverage of an A4 sheet.

This agreed standard for mono laser cartridges in ISO 19752. It removes the variability of measuring page yield. It does not calculate the number of paged an average end user will be able to print from a print cartridge. But it does provide an “Apple for apples” comparison of page yield across a range printer from different manufacturers. 

In 2006, ISO 19798 was adopted. This test procedure provides the same rigorous standards as ISO 19752 and is for color laser printers.

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